Digital Skills

The AWS Digital Skills program for the NHS is an exciting no cost initiative designed to equip clinical staff, leaders, and technical teams with the knowledge and capabilities to leverage cloud computing for improving patient care and driving organisational success. Through tailored workshops, immersive training, and hands-on learning experiences, your and your colleges will gain a compehensive understanding of cloud fundamentals, best practices, and practical applications within a healthcare context.

This program will empower:

  • Clinical staff with cloud-based knowledge and tools for enhanced patient engagement and optimised workflows.
  • NHS Leaders will gain strategic insights into cloud adoption, enabling informed decision-making and driving digital transformation.
  • Technical teams by receiving training on cloud architecture, security, and scalability, equipping them to design, deploy, and maintain robust healthcare systems.

The NHS Digital Skills program fosters a culture of continuous learning and innovation, aiming to bolster operational efficiency, enhance cybersecurity resilience, and position your organisation with a strong foundation to enable innovation and digital healthcare delivery.