Data Egress Wavier

As NHS organisations increasingly adopt cloud computing services, one potential cost challenge is data egress fees – the charges incurred when transferring data out of a cloud provider’s network. These fees can add significant and difficult-to-forecast expenses, especially for organisations with large volumes of data moving across cloud and on-premises environments. To help the National Health Service (NHS) reduce this cost barrier to cloud adoption, Amazon Web Services (AWS) has introduced the NHS Data Egress Waiver program.

The NHS Data Egress Waiver provides discounted pricing for NHS organisations when transferring data out from the AWS Cloud to the internet. It sets outbound data transfer rates to $0.00 per GB across all AWS regions, up to 15% of your total monthly AWS bill. This demonstrates AWS’s commitment to supporting digital transformation and cloud adoption across the NHS. With more predictable and reduced data transfer expenses, NHS organisations can confidently invest in secure, resilient AWS cloud services to improve patient care, streamline processes, and enhance stakeholder communication.